Addressing the

Root Cause of Illness

Clover Kreger

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Field Control Therapy® (FCT) -

Sounding the Depths

Welcome to the homepage of "Addressing the Root Cause of Illness".

Here you can find information, treatment and study resources related to Field Control Therapy and heavy metal toxicity/detoxification, as well as a library of my articles and poems on various subjects, including my own search for therapies that worked.

In hopes that this small space encapsulates an essence much along the lines of a mini library. Libraries, one of the major loves of my life, are places where you should always come away enriched rather than impoverished...

Please be so good as to remember that your healthcare practitioner is only part of the process - you are the temple's daily caretaker.

Many thanks to Si, website wonder-worker extraordinaire - and to all those clamouring against the heinous practice of putting mercury (the second most toxic substance known to man) into our mouths.

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